Why the name?

"Holy Conversation" does sound like an exceptionally pious name, even for a parish blog. And we can't guarantee that everything here will meet the high standard the name implies. But the phrase comes from the story of our patron saint, and we think it fits. Here's why.

St. Scholastica was a sixth-century abbess who, according to the Dialogues of Pope Gregory I, used to meet once a year with her brother, St. Benedict. On the last occasion they were together, they spent their time "satisfying each other's hunger for holy conversation about the spiritual life."

We hope that this blog can become a place where the members of our parish can find a taste of the companionship and conversation that Scholastica and Benedict enjoyed so much. Welcome!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Third Grade Christmas Play

Children in our third grade religious education class performed a Christmas play on Sunday!

There they went a-caroling . . .

Members of our youth ministry sang carols at the VA after the youth liturgy on December 12.

Parish Members Visit Haiti!

During the first week of December two members of our Hope for Haiti Committee--Maureen O'Brien and John Cravotta--were able to visit Haiti and the schools that we support there.  They traveled with Dr. Rodrigue Mortel, the founder of the Good Samaritans School and James Stine College in St. Marc, Haiti.

Maureen and John were able to meet the students we sponsor and to participate in the Good Samaritans School fifteenth anniversary celebration!  They hope to present more of their experience to the parish, perhaps during Lent.  Thanks to all who have supported our outreach to the people of Haiti!