Why the name?

"Holy Conversation" does sound like an exceptionally pious name, even for a parish blog. And we can't guarantee that everything here will meet the high standard the name implies. But the phrase comes from the story of our patron saint, and we think it fits. Here's why.

St. Scholastica was a sixth-century abbess who, according to the Dialogues of Pope Gregory I, used to meet once a year with her brother, St. Benedict. On the last occasion they were together, they spent their time "satisfying each other's hunger for holy conversation about the spiritual life."

We hope that this blog can become a place where the members of our parish can find a taste of the companionship and conversation that Scholastica and Benedict enjoyed so much. Welcome!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

They just keep roamin' along . . .

Our Youth Ministry Roamin' Catholics went caroling at the VA hospital after the Youth Liturgy last Saturday.  Thanks to Mrs. Jamie Dillon for the photo!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Advent by Candlelight

The Aquinas Guild sponsored "Advent by Candlelight" in early December.  The Parish Hall was full of women gathered to pray, spend social time with each other, and hear music and spiritual reflections from their guest, singer, songwriter, and novelist Bill Deasy.

Thanks to Bernadine Bonessa for these photos of the event!

Young Catholics Roamin' During Advent

Our Youth ministry sponsored another meal at Family House in December, and also helped with the Christmas party at Harmar Village.

at Family House

Harmar Village